Free Fun at Pease Park!

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March 25, 2017 10am - 12pm

We're partnering with Shoal Creek Conservancy and Bike Austin for a special Bike Tour of Shoal Creek. This is the first of a series of 'walking tours' hosted by Shoal Creek Conservancy in Spring 2017. All ages and all biking abilities are welcome and...


April 1, 2017 10am - 12pm

We are partnering with our good friends from TreeFolks for another Tree ID Walk at Pease Park. This is a great opportunity to identify and map the trees that you see (and appreciate) around you every day. Register through their website on the event page. See you there!

Learn more and register HERE!


Pease Park Conservancy partners with Austin businesses T3 and Benchmark Bank to park cars at the corner of MLK & Lamar. Parking is $15 and all proceeds go right back into improving Pease Park. Parking is not available at the park so the lots at MLK & Lamar offer the closest location to the event. Come out and park with us, you'll be supporting a great cause!


Pease Park Conservancy

  • P.O. Box 50065
  • Austin, TX 78763
  • (512) 777-1632

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