Pease Park Conservancy works in partnership with the City of Austin to set the standard for the principles of world-class park management – emphasizing environmental excellence – to improve the quality of this treasured green space for the enjoyment of all.

Our Mission

Pease Park Conservancy celebrates the diverse ecology and history that make Austin’s first public park valuable and unique. The Conservancy works to restore, enhance and maintain this 84-acre public green space for the sustainable use and enjoyment of all.


Pease Park will be known as an accessible urban green space for play, adventure and connectivity, where land stewardship, environmental innovation and inclusive programming embrace the community's history and inspire its future.

If National Parks are America’s best idea, Pease Park has got to be 19th Century Austin’s best one. We owe a lot to the foresight of Governor & Mrs. Pease in preserving this beautiful green space for all of us. It is now this generation’s turn to step up and ensure that the park will be passed on in as good condition to those who come after us. The idea of a special park for Austin is timeless
— Richard Craig, Pease Park Conservancy Founder
Richard Craig

What We’ve Achieved

  • Planted more than 4000 trees across the 84-acre park

  • Leveraged more than $14M to enhance this public green space

  • Overseen volunteers in more than 19,800+ hours of work to restore the park’s ecological well-being

  • Completed the award-winning, unanimously-approved Pease Park Master Plan in 2014

  • Brought internationally-acclaimed artist Patrick Dougherty’s Stickwork to Pease

  • Added 3 miles of mulch trails that wind through the forested hillside

  • Restored and preserved the historic New Deal-era picnic tables and Janet Fish wall

  • Prevented countless invasive specie from overtaking our treasured green space.