Yippee Ki Yay

Patrick Dougherty, a North Carolina-based artist, is known for creating whirling architectural sculptures from locally-harvested saplings. Dougherty and a team of over 200 Pease Park Conservancy volunteers constructed this site-specific installation using Baccharis neglecta (Roosevelt Weed) and Ligustrum, an invasive species, gathered in and around Austin. Yippee Ki Yay was privately funded by donations made to Pease Park Conservancy and was formally approved through the City of Austin's Art In Public Places program.

Dougherty says of his inspiration for the sculpture, “We didn’t build a cathedral, instead we borrowed its corners,” referring to the Spanish-Colonial style architecture he encountered during his time in Austin. The sculpture consists of five repeated corner shapes that can be explored through the maze-like passageways they create and the multiple viewpoints from their many entrances and windows. With the title, he also gives a nod to Texas cowboy culture that is much beloved across our state. The installation will remain on view for several years before being dismantled to be used as mulch in the park.

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Thank you to Yippee Ki Yay SupportersCity of Austin Development Services Department Urban Forest Grant, The Jacob & Terese Hershey Foundation, Lynda Young Kaffie & Harris Kaffie, The Fentress Foundation, Harlon’s Fund, Warren Skaaren Charitable Trust, Ilene & Paul Barr, City of Austin Cultural Arts Division Community Initiatives Program, Debra Young Hatch & Rick Hatch, Carolyn Long, Richard Craig, Tracy DiLeo, Laura & Rex Bohls, Jill & Steve Davol, Suzanne & David Deaderick, Bill Head & Patricia Winston in memory of Betty Pace Peveto and Mary Sue Burks Anderson, Christine Cowden, Bettye Nowlin, Kimberly & Dan Renner, The MariBen Ramsey & Karen Kahan Fund, Patricia Albright, Rebecca Borchers, Marianne & Bill Dorman, Andrea Giles, Margy Kennedy, Jennifer & Ronnie Skloss, Gail & Rodney Susholtz, Andrew & Penne Peacock, A Friend of Pease Park, Kate Thompson, Suzette Connell, Molly Cumming, Julie & Bill Davis, Claire Goodrich in honor of Andrea & Rogan Giles, Anne Jarvis, Laura Sandefer, Mary Tally, Sandra Tomlinson, Jan Bullock, Bill Stutts, Laurie Humphreys, Lynn Boswell & Burton Baldridge, Ken Beck, Cecelia Small Cook, Laurel Daniel, Margie & Paul Gaudin, Dewitt Gayle, Milton J. Guiberteau, Bill Head, Catherine & Clark Heidrick, Murray Legge, Shanny Lott, Gail Newberry, Lori Nicholas, Alex Robinette, Milad Taghehchian, Ralph Underwood, Philip Whitworth, Lisa & Scott Zodin, Flannery Bope, Steve Davis, Laura Bryant, Deedee Reiley, Hatch Bailey, Jonathan Barona, David & Sara Belknap, Kristen & Ian Brown, Mollie Butler, Cornelia Clay, Polly Crongeyer, Cathryn Dorsey, Frederick Dure, Debra Espinosa, Jude Galligan, Shirley Gamble, Palmer Gilbert-Quaroni, Joel & Regina Goldstein, Ann Graham, Alison Green, Sarah Grubert, Tom Hauser, Adele Hazan, Richard Hazeltine, Clayton Hoover, Peggy Houser, Catherine Johnson, Tam Kiehnhoff, Robyn Leamon, Harriet Leavell, Jerry Levenson, Brian Magierski, Morris Matson, Melissa W. Miller, Liz Morphis, Spencer Morse, Jan Nix, Joanne F. Olsen, Jane Patterson, Louise & Peter Pincoffs, Bill & Jane Pollard, Richard Queen, Misty Reid, Kyle Reiley, Lora Reynolds, Farra Roessner, Michelle Slattery, Jessica Stamatopoulos, Kelly Stouse, Peggy & Don Ugent, Mary Vance, Cissy Warner, Laura & Tobin Wiegand, Tetsuya Yamamoto, Lisa Zapalac, Jodi Adams, Lisa Costigan, Elizabeth Kubala, Charles Peveto, Kaysie Sallans, Michelle Voss, Cynthia Wilcox, Paula Adamek, George Blake, Kelsey Brandenburg, Katie Burmeister, Claire Colombo, Dale Connally, Nancy Bea Cooper, Meredith Cummings, Lisa Harvell, Estelle Teel Jarvis, Lisa Jones, Mark Kendrick, Sarah Mack, Jace Masood, Larry McMahan, Sarah Moore, Kelley Newberry, Leslie Newberry, Deborah Ruffman, Lauren Tengler, Eleanor Vaughan, Judy Windler, Jean Works, Andy Gill, Annie Gunnlaugsson, Lance Utermark, Matt Evans, Amy Lambert, Chris Nigro, and Anissa Ryland

Thank You to our In-Kind DonorsJennifer's Gardens, Austin Tree Experts, Newk's Eatery and the Dougherty Arts Center

This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

Professional services and project management for Stickwork provided by the Weingarten Art Group, a national art advisory firm based in Houston and New York

In accordance with the Pease Park Master Plan, as well as Imagine Austin and the Downtown Austin Plan, PPC is committed to enhancing the cultural environment at Pease Park. Public art is a powerful tool in raising community consciousness and reinforcing an authentic sense of place.

Special Thanks to Yippee Ki Yay's Leaders and Patrons: Rebecca Borchers, Laurie Humphreys, Lynda Young Kaffie, and Charles Peveto