Pease Park Master Plan

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The Pease Park Master Plan sets out a comprehensive blueprint for the rehabilitation, preservation, and enhancement of the park's cultural, recreational, and natural features.

Following years of hard work and dedication to restoring Pease Park, the Conservancy realized that for the park to reach its full potential, a broader and more strategic effort would be required. In 2014, we decided to take a dramatically different approach.

PPC embarked on an audacious master planning process to shape the future of the park. Compiled by the landscape design firm Wallace, Roberts & Todd (WRT), and shaped by extensive community input, the Plan is an exhaustive blueprint that identifies strategies for all aspects of the park, including recreational uses, cultural inventory, and a detailed natural resources restoration plan.

The Plan also defines the critical steps necessary to fortify the park to withstand the challenges of Austin’s exploding population growth, tight public budgets, and drought and flood events. The Pease Park Master Plan, adopted unanimously by the Austin City Council in October 2014, is the first and only comprehensive long-range planning effort for the park. The Plan received the 2015 Project Planning Award by the American Planning Association’s Texas Chapter Awards Committee.

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Pease Park Conservancy now transitions to implementation of the Master Plan. Throughout the development and approval process the Plan received overwhelming and widespread community support. This incredible show of universal enthusiasm is reflective of Austin’s deep affection for this iconic green space and a strong desire to see it improved. We view this as a clear mandate for our organization and PARD to get started on implementation of the Plan as soon as possible.

Exciting things are happening at Pease Park and we hope you’ll join us in realizing an even more special Pease Park!