Pease Park Conservancy

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One of Texas' oldest parks has been a much loved, forested oasis in central Austin since 1875.

A place for picnics, nature walks, recreation, respite, and general enjoyment of the the outdoors, Pease Park is one of the crown jewels of Austin's park system. Stretching from West 15th to West 31st along Shoal Creek and Lamar Boulevard, Pease Park and the Shoal Creek Greenbelt encompass 84 acres. This pristine green space links many of central Austin's vibrant neighborhoods with the University of Texas, downtown Austin, and the Colorado River at Lady Bird Lake.

Pease Park is a place for everyone. On weekends, children’s birthday parties and family barbecues fill the 1930's picnic grove and college students partake in informal volleyball games. During the school year, groups of students have a picnic lunch at the concrete tables before enjoying the playscapes. Kids stay cool on the new splash pad in the summertime. Commuters beat traffic by traveling the Shoal Creek Trail. Dog owners frequent the off-leash area. Others find respite from everyday stresses amongst the heritage tree, in the creek bed, or alongside the hillside trails.

Years of overuse and cuts in funding to the Parks & Recreation Department had taken a serious toll on Pease Park. A combination of extreme soil compaction due to heavy foot traffic, severe drought, intense winds, and flooding had left Pease in an extremely degraded state. The park needed helped or it would have been lost forever.

Determined not to let the park fall into ruins, friends and neighbors started Pease Park Conservancy (formerly known as Trees for Pease) in 2008 to save the park from further degradation. Collecting private funds and organizing volunteer workdays for the park, the group joined forces with the City of Austin’s Parks and Recreation and Forestry Departments, as well as hundreds of volunteers, school groups, local businesses and neighbors. In October 2014 the Austin City Council unanimously approved the Pease Park Master Plan. The Plan sets out a comprehensive blueprint to guide the preservation, restoration, and enhancement of the park's recreational, cultural, and environmental features.

We have yet to see the full potential of Pease Park.