In partnership with The Contemporary Austin and their Museum Without Walls program, we're thrilled to host David Deming's Mystic Raven in Lamar Terrace near 29th and Lamar. Deming taught at the University of Texas Austin from 1972-1996, serving as the Chair of the Art Department from 1992-1996 and Dean of of the College of Fine Arts from 1996-1998. He left UT to work as President of the Cleveland Institute of Art until his retirement in 2010.

Mystic Raven is a sculpture that evokes man, bird, and machine. It was the first monumental piece placed in downtown Austin, where it was displayed in front of the First City Centre on Congress Avenue. The sculpture's bold forms and impressive scale convey the sublime experience of being overwhelmed by nature. Mystic Raven was executed in 1983 as a symbol of growth, change, and progress. The sculpture also demonstrates Deming's interest in physics, and he experimented with the tripod as a 'symbol of separate parts drawn together in unity'.


For more information about Mystic Raven and the Museum Without Walls program visit The Contemporary Austin