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Tree ID Walk with Treefolks

March 21, 2016 6pm - 7:30pm

In partnership with our friends at Treefolks, we'll be hosting a Tree ID walk in Pease Park and the Shoal Creek Greenbelt on Monday, March 21st. As most know, we got our start in 2008 as Trees for Pease and have planted over 2,750 native trees since that time. Trees are near and dear to our mission, and nobody has done more for the tree canopy of central Texas than Treefolks. You could call us both 'tree nerds'.

This will be great opportunity to take your tree knowledge to a new level! You'll have a chance to identify trees, learning about proper pruning and care, hear about our efforts to increase the tree canopy from 65% to 80%, and most importantly understand why urban trees are so vital to a healthy community.

Head to TreeFolks Facebook and webpage to register!

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