Eeyore's Birthday Party Parking

April 30, 2016

Come park with us while attending Eeyore's Birthday Party at Pease Park! Our wonderful friends T3 and Benchmark Bank Austin are again allowing us to use their parking lot and garage to raise funds for the park. For only $15 a vehicle you can park conveniently across from Pease and walk to Austin's favorite annual rite of Spring.

Here's what makes this occasion worthwhile and in the spirit of Eeyore's Birthday Party; all proceeds go directly back to Pease Park! Funds will go to support our volunteer program, tree planting efforts, and general improvements to Pease Park.

Contact Tim Eishcen at teischen(AT)peasepark.org to sign up for a volunteer shift. We'll have some PPC items for all the volunteers, as well as snacks and refreshments!

Pease Park Conservancy

  • P.O. Box 50065
  • Austin, TX 78763
  • (512) 777-1632
  • info@peasepark.org

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